4 Signs Your Tree Roots Are Damaging Your Plumbing | Gordon Pro Tree Service

Nothing is more beautiful than a Georgia red cedar or huge maple tree, but behind that beauty can lie destruction. The trees in your front and back yards survive by their root systems, and as these systems branch out and head deep underneath the soil, they run into underground household plumbing. Gordon Pro Tree Service warns this can damage your plumbing. Here are four signs it is.

Sink Holes in Your Yard

As the tree roots wrap around your plumbing system’s pipes, they break them and you end up with plumbing leaks. When left unchecked, the water seeping out of the pipes will create sinkholes in your yard. At first, you might notice soppy ground before the soil begins to sink. If your ground is wet when it shouldn’t be, i.e., you haven’t watered or it hasn’t rained, you have a plumbing leak.

Unexpected Tree Growth

One of the benefits of this extra water provided by your household plumbing system is faster tree growth. If the tree roots have damaged your septic or sewage pipes, your trees are also getting – ahem – natural fertilizer. You will also notice weed overgrowth over sections of your yard where the plumbing system is leaking. This is because the foliage is being watered regularly by your household plumbing.

Sewage Odors

If the sewage or septic lines have been damaged by the tree roots, you might also be able to smell the natural fertilizer. This is because the sewage leaving your home is being introduced into your ground soil. This can be a disaster, especially if the sewage has seeped into the groundwater. Repairing this issue might also require environmental clean-up and mitigation if the sewage leak is bad.

Plumbing Problems Inside the Home

Finally, you might also notice plumbing problems inside your home. If the tree roots have damaged your plumbing pipes, they are likely also obstructing them. This will leave you with toilets that gurgle and drains that take forever to drain. In severe cases, you might also end up with sewage backing up through the drains and into your home. Pipe snakes and/or drain cleaners will not solve the problem.

If you suspect your tree roots are encroaching upon your household plumbing system, call Gordon Pro Tree Service. We are located in Buford, GA, and you can reach us at 770-282-1616. We can remove the suspect tree and, possibly, replant it further away from your household plumbing system.