5 Common Christmas Tree Types

What is the best Christmas tree for your house? Knowing the common types of Christmas trees helps you decide which one will work best for you. Gordon Pro Tree Service can’t go to the tree lot with you and help you pick out a Christmas tree, but we can list the different types below along with their advantages. This information arms you with the knowledge you need once you hit the Christmas tree lots in Buford, GA, for your holiday tree.

1. Balsam Fir

If that glorious and spicy pine scent is your number one priority, you need to purchase a Balsam Fir Christmas tree. These trees are the most fragrant of all the Christmas trees, according to Farmer’s Almanac, and they are also the dark green color most people want. Balsam Fir needles retain their sturdiness better than other tree needles, so their branches are also used often for holiday wreaths.

2. Douglas Fir

Balsam Firs can be a bit pricey, which is why most people flock, no pun intended, to Douglas Firs instead. These trees are more affordable than Balsams and they are full, lush, and shaped more like Christmas trees than any others on our list. You’ll have no problem finding Douglas Fir trees at your favorite Christmas tree farm. The only disadvantage to Douglas Firs is they tend to shed their needles.

3. Fraser Fir

If you decorate your tree so much that people won’t be able to tell what color it is underneath, you’ll do best with a Fraser Fir. These trees have stiff branches but soft needles, making them flexible yet strong enough to over-decorate with all of your favorite light strands and ornaments. Fraser Firs also smell nice and retain their needles much like Balsam Firs do. They often adorn the White House each year.

4. Norway Spruce

The White House isn’t as famous for its Christmas trees as NYC’s Rockefeller Center is and, you guessed it, the Norway Spruce became famous in 2015 as that year’s Christmas tree. Pendulous and weeping are adjectives that have been used to describe Norway Spruce trees, and if you have high ceilings and plenty of room for a bigger tree, this type is perfect. Keep it watered well to boost its needle retention.

5. White Spruce

Finally, if you’re looking for a tree with the traditional Christmas tree shape but shorter, stiffer needles that can stand up to even the heaviest ornaments and other decorations, look no further than the white spruce. The needles on this tree are bluish-green, but they are not fragrant. Rather, if the needles are crushed, they will emit a foul odor, so make sure to treat your White Spruce with care. 

Happy holidays to everyone from Gordon Pro Tree Service in Buford, GA.


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