5 Secrets To A Beautiful Small Garden | Gordon Pro Tree Service

Small yards don’t necessarily have to restrict your creativity or the desire to own a beautiful garden. With a little imagination and determination, you can create beautiful urban landscapes even in small spaces. A neatly manicured lawn with trimmed hedges can serve as your retreat from the dust and grime within the urban jungle. A few well-maintained flowering bushes add a dash of color to your green space. Throw in a few chairs, a table and an umbrella and enjoy your tea outside on a warm and sunny day. Your green oasis can serve as your reading room room or as an extension of your living room.

Bird Bath Or Other Water Features

To encourage winged visitors and feathered friends, you can add a bird bath and hang a bird feeder from a post in your lawn. Soon your lawn will be attracting many different bird species. A miniature waterfall or small pond is not difficult to create in a small lawn. Any garden store will have a stock of these garden accessories. The soothing sound of water creates a calm and serene atmosphere. A few fish or water lilies will make your pond attractive and interesting.

Scented And Medicinal Herbs

Many types of herbs do well in shaded gardens, so if yours doesn’t get enough sunlight, you can still grow various types of herbs. There are medicinal herbs, scented herbs and herbs used in the kitchen. Choose those that suit your small yard. Since these are anyway small and easily trimmed, these plants will not overwhelm your small garden.

Add A Trellis To Make Use of Vertical Spaces

If your garden gets very hot because it is exposed to sunlight for most of the day, add a trellis to one side and grow some flowering vines over it. Climbing vines and plants are a great way to extend your garden vertically without compromising on space. It also creates a green wall that protects you from nosey neighbors and excessive sunlight.

Keep It Simple

Implementing too many ideas in your small garden will clutter it up, cramping the limited space available. So keep it simple and neat. Don’t overcrowd the garden with too many bushes and potted plants. Wherever possible, hang your potted plants on vertical posts to create more space. Keep all plants neatly trimmed. This gives your garden a well-cared for look.

Take Good Care Of Your Garden

The advantage of a small garden is that it is easy to maintain. Soak your small lawn once a week. Plants with deep roots which can withstand dry conditions in the interim. Ensure that there is no run-off which causes erosion of the top layer. Remove dried and wilted flowers and leaves. This encourages flowering over a longer period of time.

To encourage the growth of bushes, trim the tops of borders or hedges. This also encourages flowering on new side branches. Weeding and trimming excess plant growth is key to a well-maintained look and enhances the beauty of your garden. Weeds also suck out the nutrients meant for your plants. Use fertilizers sparingly, and definitely not more often than twice a week. Use organic and natural pesticides and keep your garden free of chemicals.

A small yard is no handicap to a beautiful garden. You can use your creative energy to make even the tiniest spaces matter. Planning and developing your small garden should give you immense satisfaction. It is your own private space to relax and commune with nature.