Am I Overwatering My Trees? | Gordon Pro Tree Service

It’s easy to overwater your trees in the summertime; you want them to be refreshed in the hot and humid weather. Still, overwatering your trees can harm them just as much as under-watering them can. If you give your trees too much water, the H2O saturates the soil so much that it loses crucial aeration because there’s no room left for the oxygen. How can you tell if you are overwatering your trees? Gordon Pro Tree Service advises that you look for the following signs.

Wet Soil

If the soil around your trees is constantly damp, you might be overwatering the foliage. Even if the topsoil is dry, you could still have too much moisture underneath. To test the soil, take a long screwdriver and push it into the ground at least 2 inches or more. If the screwdriver is easy to push down and the tip is covered in wet soil when you pull it out, your trees have plenty of water for the time being. If the soil is dry, you need to give your trees a drink. Invest in a soil gauge for more accurate readings all the time.

Brittle Leaves

Many people overwater their trees because the leaves are brittle. This makes sense, right? If the leaves are brittle they aren’t getting enough water. Would you believe that this is actually wrong in some cases? People think brittle leaves mean their trees are thirsty, but the leaves are brittle because they’re getting too much water. If there is too much water underground, the roots cannot draw enough oxygen for the leaves, which turns them brittle and new leaves yellow. Don’t be fooled. Brittle leaves do not necessarily mean too dry.

Premature Death

Finally, if your tree cannot grow new shoots to maturity, you might be overwatering your trees. As with the brittle leaves, overwatered roots cannot get enough oxygen to the new growth and, consequently, it withers and dies. You may also notice algae on the topsoil and tree trunks as well as mushrooms growing. Don’t eat the mushrooms! Know, however, that these fungi cannot grow unless the conditions are super moist, i.e. you might be watering your trees too much. You shouldn’t have fungal growth at all at the base of your trees.

If you fear you have been overwatering your trees and they are not thriving as a result, call Gordon Pro Tree Service. We are located in Buford, GA, and we’d be happy to come out and inspect your trees for watering issues, illness, and pests. Our number is 770-282-1616.