Are You Dehydrating or Drowning Your Trees? Here’s How You Can Tell | Gordon Pro Tree Service

In the summer, we are tempted to water our trees until they’re drowning. It’s hot outside, and we automatically think they are as thirsty as we are on a sunny summer afternoon. Your trees are getting their water from underneath the ground, however, so they might not be as thirsty as you think. Because your trees don’t talk, you have to look at them closely to see if you are under-watering or overwatering them. Gordon Pro Tree Service says look for the following signs or water issues with your trees.

Signs Your Trees Are Really Thirsty

If you are not watering your trees enough, they will begin to show signs of dehydration primarily in their leaves. Head out to your yard and inspect your trees’ leaves for

  • Curling
  • Wilting
  • Brown edges
  • Brown tips
  • Leaf scorch
  • Yellowing

Your tree itself will also tell you there is a problem if the canopy and/or leaf-production is smaller than usual or if the leaves color as if it were fall already and drop off the tree. The most common cause of under-watering a tree is assuming the sprinklers do the watering for you. Sprinklers do a fine job of watering your lawn and smaller plants but your trees need deeper saturation.

Signs Your Trees Are Being Drowned

If you are overwatering your trees, you will notice that the ground underneath them is always wet. Trees that are getting too much water also produce fragile leaves. The leaves look healthy and green, but they will break easily if you touch them. New growth on your trees will also turn yellow or light green and then wither away rather than continue to flourish.

Aside from the signs above, there are two additional ways you can check to see whether you are under-watering or overwatering your trees. The first test is quick and easy; just grab a screwdriver – a long one – and stick it in the ground underneath your trees. If there’s a lot of resistance, the ground is too dry. A more precise test is to dig 8 inches down to see the soil condition. Sopping soil equals too much water; dry soil equals not enough water.

If you need assistance with your garden’s trees, call Gordon Pro Tree Service in Buford, GA. Our number is 770-282-1616 and we do everything from tree pruning to stump removal and grinding to storm cleanup. Call us today and we’ll come out and inspect your trees to ensure they’re healthy and thriving or if you are dehydrating or drowning your trees.