What is the Best Smelling Tree? | Gordon Pro Tree Service

Trees enhance your home landscape in many different ways. Some trees provide wonderful shade on those hot days, making staying outside more comfortable. Other trees provide a study base for your kid’s tire swing, while others grow fresh fruit for your family.

Still other trees create a fragrant aroma in your yard, filling the air with their pleasant scents. So what is the best smelling tree of all? In the end, that decision relies on your own nose, but here are some great smelling trees to consider.

The Frasier Fir

For many people, the Frasier fir conjures images of Christmas morning, and the scent of fresh pine needles in the crisp morning air. The Frasier fir is one of the most aromatic trees you can plant in your landscape, and one of the hardiest as well.

If you love the beauty of an evergreen and crave that pine tree smell, you cannot go wrong with a Frasier fir. These fragrant trees are easy to grow, simple to care for and beautiful all year long.

The Wisteria

If you love the scent of fresh flowers, you cannot go wrong with a wisteria tree. Wisteria trees are among the sweetest smelling, and just about everyone loves their wonderful scent.

Wisteria trees are also some of the best looking trees around, and you will not regret your decision to plant them. You can plant a single wisteria tree or spread them out and create a grove of sweet smelling landscape elements.

The Jasmine Tree

The jasmine tree is another sweet smelling option for your backyard environment, and another great choice for homeowners to consider. There is nothing like the scent of jasmine on the spring breeze, and the fact that the jasmine tree is easy to care for just adds to the package.

You can choose a single jasmine tree to accent your landscape, but many homeowners prefer to plant more than one. Jasmine trees are very hardy and easy to care for, making them a great choice for many parts of the country.

The Linden Tree

If you are looking for something a little different, why not add a linden tree or two to your landscape. These striking trees emit a pleasant aroma, one you can smell from a long way off.

When you get closer, you will be struck by the share beauty of the linden tree. Once you have seen this beautiful tree up close, you will know why it has remained so popular throughout the decades.

Trees enhance your landscape, but they also scent the air around your home. Choosing an aromatic tree is a great way to enjoy the outdoors even more, and each of the trees on our list would be an excellent choice.