When Is the Best Time of Year to Hire a Tree Service Company?

While there’s plenty you can do to care for your trees, hiring a tree service ensures they get the professional care they deserve. Having an expert periodically check on your trees can come in handy. Keep reading to learn about the best time to hire tree service.

Deciding when to hire a tree service depends on several factors. Every tree is different. The tree species in your yard, for example, can significantly determine the best time of the year to hire a tree service. Taking into account the type of tree service you need is also important. Typically, whether you’re removing, pruning, or trimming a tree will determine when to call a tree service.

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Tree Trimming

Most people consider winter to be the best time of year to call a trimming service. That’s because you can quickly identify trouble spots on a bare tree. Winter trimming also encourages better spring growth. If done correctly, most trees are good with winter trimming.

However, many people recommend trimming at the end of winter, when temperatures are not the coldest. The reason for this is because extremely low temperatures can damage trees.

On the other hand, some recommend hiring a tree service in early spring as it’s an easy time to tell which branches should be trimmed. If your trees bloom later in summer, you should probably have them trimmed during spring rather than winter.

While some trees can be trimmed in the summer, autumn is probably the worst time to schedule tree trimming. Cuts and tree damage take longer to heal in the fall, leaving trees more susceptible to harmful diseases and infestations.

Tree Pruning        

The pruning requirements of trees will vary according to species and the purpose of the pruning. If pruning is necessary because a tree has dead branches or causes a safety hazard, it can be performed at any time. Because pruning leaves behind tender spots, it shouldn’t be performed late in the season as cold temperatures may damage those areas before they have a chance to regrow.

As a general rule, most trees will do well with late winter/early spring pruning. Deciduous trees should be pruned in early spring. Most conifers require minimal pruning depending on the species, while needled evergreens are best pruned in late winter before growth begins.

Trees such as maples will bleed sap when they’re pruned in the late winter, so you might want to hold off until later in spring. Like tree trimming, fall is more or less the worst time of the year to schedule tree pruning.

Tree Removal

Tree removal should always be a last resort. However, it’s sometimes the best way to save other trees and prevent the spread of disease. When considering whether you need tree removal services, start by determining whether the tree poses an immediate danger to people or objects on your property. If that’s the case, then you should have the tree removed immediately.

For instance, if the tree has a pest infestation, you may want to consult an arborist. They have the technical expertise to tell you whether to cut the tree right away or wait for an optimal season.

As with trimming, most people consider winter or early spring ideal for tree removal. The trees are bare, lighter, and easier to cut off in the winter.

With the tips mentioned, you now know the best time to hire tree service.

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