Best Trees and Plants for Slopes and Hillsides | Gordon Pro Tree Service

Having slopes and hillsides on your property can be good or bad – it all depends on how you handle the unique geography of your yard. If you fail to take care of those slopes and hillsides, you could end up with severe drainage issues, possibly even damaging the foundation of your home. If you handle your slopes and hillsides right, you can create a veritable backyard paradise, one where the kids can play and visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature.

The planting is one of the most important aspects when caring for your sloping and hilly landscape. The right trees and plants can hold the soil in place, improving drainage and protecting your home. The right trees can also protect the other areas of your yard, so you can rest easy and simply enjoy the beauty of the natural world. Here are some of the best plants and trees for the slopes and hillsides in your landscape.

Firs and Pines

Evergreens are great for hilly and sloping portions of your landscape. These hardy trees hold the soil well, so they can prevent the erosion that might otherwise have taken place.

A Douglas fir is always a great choice for hills and sloping areas of your yard. You may recognize this popular breed as one of the most common Christmas trees.

Shade Trees for Hills and Slopes

If you want a tree that does double duty, you can choose a variety of shade trees to brighten up your hills and slopes. Trees like the white oak and sugar maple are always great choices, as they hold the soil well and develop strong root systems.

These trees grow large, but you can find small seedlings and tiny trees at your local nursery. Be sure to follow the planting recommendations to get these hardy trees off to a great start.

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees can also do double duty in your landscape, protecting your hills and slopes from erosion while giving your family a steady supply of delicious treats. Fruit trees are great for hills and sloping areas, as they can establish themselves well and grow quite quickly.

Black walnut trees are great for those hills and landscape, as are black cherry and hickory trees. These trees are quite hardy, fast growing and the perfect choice for all kinds of hilly and sloping landscapes.

Having the right trees in your landscape will protect your soil, prevent erosion and make your home look better. All of the trees listed above can enhance your yard, so you can sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature.