Best Way to Keep Your Trees Beautiful in the Harsh Winter Months | Gordon Pro Tree Service

Having trees in your yard gives you a host of benefits all year long. In the hot summer months, trees in your landscape provide much-needed shade and reduce the need for costly air conditioning. When the winds start to blow, large trees serve as wind breaks, protecting your home from damage and keeping you comfortable.

If you want your trees to keep providing these great benefits, you need to care for them properly, and that means protecting them during all four seasons. The winter months can be particularly hard on trees, so giving them some extra care at this time of year will really pay off. Here are some things you can do to keep your trees healthy during the harsh winter months.

Trim Back the Dead Wood

A well-trimmed tree is a happy tree, so take the time to trim back the deadwood before the harsh winter months arrive. Leaving dead branches on the trees can sap their energy and slow their growth, so a proper trimming is actually good for your landscape.

Be careful when trimming the dead wood on your trees, and never trim back too much. If there are branches you cannot reach and you are not comfortable on a ladder, it is best to call a landscape professional to do the rest of the trimming.

Check for Signs of Storm Damage

Winter storms can be tough on trees, so take the time to look for damage after the ice and snow has stopped. Remove any damaged branches and snapped twigs as quickly as possible to protect the rest of the tree and your landscape.

Watch for branches that overhang your roof and trim them back as soon as possible. When winter storms come along, those overhanging branches could crash through your roof or otherwise damage your home.

Have Your Trees Checked by a Pro

No matter how good your tree trimming and landscape care skills, there is no substitute for professional service. Having your trees checked by a professional tree service once or twice a year is the best way to keep them healthy.

A professional will be able to spot hidden damage you might have missed, including dead branches and signs of disease. By having the trees checked, you can stay one step ahead of problems so that you can enjoy your trees all winter, and all year, long.