What Are The Best Ways To Protect My Trees From Pest Damage? | Gordon Pro Tree Service

You love the shade, beauty and ambiance your trees provide. Unfortunately, so do deer, rabbits, mice, and other woodland creatures. Here are the most common ways to protect your landscaping from pest damage.


Although this term has many negative, poisonous connotations, several foul-tasting but harmless repellants exist to discourage deer and other animals from eating your trees. When applied properly, their bitter taste will let hungry wildlife know to look elsewhere for supper.

For the best results, apply repellant later in the year (after leaves have fallen) so the bark is dry. You can use a paint brush or sprayer to get an even application, but make sure temperatures sit above freezing. For larger, older trees, concentrate on the area up to six feet above the snow line, but young ones should be treated all over. In addition, to treat smaller plants that rabbits and mice prefer, coat the entire plant with repellant, as well.

Tree Guards

Wire screens wrapped around the tree base provide a cost-effective way to deter wildlife. You can also use burlap, kraft paper, rolled roofing, sheet metal, or galvanized hardware cloth. Simply wrap the trunk (making sure to secure the base), and you have a protective layer of inedible material surrounding your trees. Note: Depending on tree height, the deer may still be able to reach low branches.


Fencing proves especially useful in small areas like shelterbelts or orchards. Although deer fences can be costly, the investment represents an effective, long-term solution in areas where deer are common. You can choose large-scale electric fences for deer or mesh chicken wire (intrenched into the ground) for mice and rabbits.

Strategic Planting

Small animals like rabbits and mice rely on vegetable cover for protection from predators. Avoiding this type of greenery can help ensure they are attracted to more suitable environments.

In some cases, people choose to redirect hungry wildlife by planting more attractive food sources away from trees or other plants they want to protect. For example, spraying a solution of water and molasses onto foliage will sweeten trees, making deer more likely to seek them out. You can also plant a strip of in-demand food (like winter wheat) away from trees to keep them protected while not reducing the deer’s food source.

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