Can You Over-Prune a Tree? | Gordon Pro Tree Service

You can over-prune a tree, and if you cut off too much, you can actually kill it. Gordon Pro Tree Service would be happy to prune your trees for you. We are professionals who specialize in trees and we know how to cut off just the right amount to ensure your trees continue to thrive. Should you take matters into your own hands, the following could happen if you don’t prune the trees properly.

Foliage Loss

A tree’s canopy is fragile and crucial to its overall health and life. When you cut too much of the canopy away, i.e. over-prune the tree, you cut away foliage the tree needs to feed itself. Your trees draw water and nourishment from the ground through their root systems and absorb that H2O and nourishment all the way to the leaves. Over-pruning the trees starves them, as they don’t have enough leaves to sustain the hydration and nourishment.

Encourages Pests and Diseases

As the trees weaken from dehydration and malnourishment, pests and diseases take hold. The less foliage the more the trees are exposed to diseases and pests, especially if you didn’t prune the trees correctly and left vulnerable cuts that expose the trees’ inner bark, or phloem as it’s officially called. Healthy trees can usually resist disease and pests on their own; unhealthy trees provide the perfect environment for infestation.

Excessive Sprouting

To protect themselves against the foliage loss, the trees will begin to sprout excess foliage sporadically if they aren’t damaged to the point of being unable to do so. This excess foliage will be used to feed the trees, protect them from diseases, and protect them from sunscald. The excess foliage will not necessarily sprout from the branches that make up the trees’ canopies. Rather, the foliage may sprout at ground level and along the trunks.

Tree Exhaustion

Finally, after a continual cycle of over-pruning and excess foliage production, your trees will weaken from exhaustion and could die. As the branches try to overcompensate for the foliage loss, they will weaken and may not be able to stand up to wind and storms. It’s the same for your trees as it is for you; excessive stress leads to exhaustion and illness. Over-pruned trees will not be able to sustain the constant pressure they are under to stay alive.

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