Do I Need a Permit to Remove a Tree | Gordon Pro Tree Service

If you own property and have a tree you need to remove, you probably think you can just start chopping away. What many people don’t know is that depending on where you live, you might be required to obtain a permit before you can have the tree removed. If you’re thinking of removing one tree or several trees, read on to learn more about the permitting process.

Permit Basics

Almost every city or county requires permits for tree removal, even if it’s on your own property. In order to get a permit, you’ll need to apply and pay a set fee. Fees will vary by location, so ask your local government beforehand so you can be prepared. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as smaller trees that are about six inches or less in diameter. It may also depend on how far away the tree is located from your property line and the condition of the tree. In many instances, a dead tree can be removed without the need for a permit, but it’s always best to ask about your local guidelines beforehand.

The Permit Process

Once you’ve applied for a tree removal permit, the city will likely send someone to your home. Their job is to help you determine what you can remove and to decide if you’re required to replace it with something else. If you decide to hire a professional to remove your tree be sure that they are fully licensed and insured in case something goes wrong. For most people, they’ll be required to replace the removed tree with something of a similar size and a native species. If you decide to just chop the tree without a replacement, you might get hit with a “replacing fee.”

Don’t Take Chances

Cutting down a tree without a proper permit can result in heavy fines. It’s always best to ask questions before you decide to start chopping. Most cities and counties have a number you can call to ask. You should also be aware that your neighbors may call to report you if you cut down a tree without permission. Some determining factors include the type of land you live on, the habitat (i.e. if you live near a wetland), and even the grade or slope of your land. When in doubt, ask questions and get your permit so you can cut your tree down without any serious repercussions.

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