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Even though summer is halfway over, it’s always a good idea to practice good tree care throughout the hot summer months. If you take good care of your trees when it’s hot, they stand a better chance of surviving the winter and producing healthy new growth during the spring. In order to ensure that your trees are happy and healthy, there are a few easy things you can do to keep them properly maintained. Check out these handy tips that will make your trees stay healthy all summer long.

Simple Summer Tree Care Tips

Avoid Overwatering Your Trees

The heat of the summer and a dry season might make you think your trees are starving for water. And while moisture levels naturally dip during the summer, that still doesn’t man that you need to go out and water your trees constantly. Overwatering can actually harm your trees and stifle their natural growth. To avoid overwatering, check the condition of the soil near your trees. If the soil feels damp or soggy, you shouldn’t water it at all. If the dirt feels sandy and extremely dry, water the trees near the roots and do it in the morning to reduce the amount of water evaporation.

Don’t Prune or Trim Too Much

You probably want to prune and trim your trees to make them look nice and maintain their health. However, summer is the season when trees should be in full bloom and produce lush canopies. This production is an indication of a healthy tree, and if your prune or trim too much, you can actually do more harm than good. The best time to prune and trim is during the dormant season, which is usually winter time for most species of trees.

Mulching is Key to a Healthy Tree

Just like the rest of your garden and landscaping, mulch plays an important role in the health of your trees. Not only does adding a fresh layer of mulch look fantastic, but it also helps improve and maintain the condition of your trees. During the summer, top of any existing mulch with a fresh, new layer. You don’t need to remove the layer underneath, simply add a new one on top of it. Now you can water your tree on the mulched area, but just make sure you don’t overwater. Mulch will help to maintain the moisture near the tree’s roots and protect it from becoming rotted.

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