How To Get My Tree To Grow Faster | Gordon Pro Tree Service

Planting a tree can be difficult work. Here in Buford, GA we have a variety to choose from and the weather makes it possible for trees from other climates to grow her as well. You may want to plant trees for privacy or to beautify your home, but you want to make sure that it grows strong and fast. Here are few tips to help ensure that your tree grows fast and strong.

Location, Location, Location

Research the type of tree you should buy extensively before you make a purchase. Look at the purpose you want to achieve. Then check if it will achieve the goal you want to achieve. For example, will it grow to over the number of feet you need for privacy or will it have wide coverage? Next what type of soil does this tree need to thrive? Dig deeper to find out how much light and water does it need. If you do not have the proper conditions, then consider a different tree.


If you simply just cannot wait until nature takes its course and your tree grows at its normal rate. Turn to science. You must buy fertilizer that provides proper nutrients to the soil. The soil should be nutrient rich with proper air circulation and water. Then you can purchase a fertilizer with a root stimulator that can increase the rate of speed in which the tree grows. It accomplishes this by activating the root hair growth of the root to grow in weeks rather than a year or more.


Be on the lookout for grass and weeds. They can be a serious threat to your tree’s growth speed. The nearby grass and weeds rob your new tree of well needed moisture and nutrients. They take space needed to grow and rob your trees of water. Their roots grow just like your tree and needs the same things to support them as your tree does.

Protect your tree by laying mulch nearby. Mulch will protect your trees in the winter and as it deteriorates; it will add nutrients and helps the balance of PH in the soil. The mulch serves to keep as much moisture in the soil as possible and keeps some wildlife away from roots. Additionally, mulch will prevent weeds and grass from growing. Contact us at Gordon Pro Tree for all your tree service needs.