Best Tips To Help Your Trees Survive During The Ice Storms We Get In Georgia | Gordon Pro Tree Service

Georgia is one of the most beautiful states in the Union, but one of the reasons why it’s so green and lush is moisture. We get hot and humid summers and ice storms in the winter, and your landscaping might succumb to the extremes if you aren’t careful. We here at Gordon Pro Tree Service save a lot of foliage after a severe storm, and we have some of the best tips to help your trees survive the icy, frigid weather that makes up a Georgia winter.

Support Your Trees

We don’t mean join the Arbor Day Foundation; we mean reinforce your trees so they can stand up to what Mother Nature throws their way during the colder months. Inspect each tree in your yard and brace those that might have a problem during an ice storm. You can support stumps with wood braces and prevent fallen limbs with cables.

Speaking of Limbs…

While you’re inspecting each tree in your yard, saw or prune weakened branches and limbs to prevent them from collapsing under the ice’s weight. It’s best to prune your trees in autumn after the leaves have fallen off anyway, so take advantage of this time to look at each branch carefully and rid the tree of any compromised ones.

Inspect After Each Storm

No amount of preparation is going to prevent winter from coming, so head outdoors when it’s safe after each storm and give each tree the once-over. Don’t attempt to shake the ice or snow off the branches. This can damage your tree’s circulatory system. Rather, cut away any broken branches and leave the rest alone to absorb the ice water.

Feed Your Trees

No tree will survive ice storms or even the winter if it isn’t properly nourished. Trees hibernate during the winter, just like certain animals do, and they need to stock up on food, if you will, before the ground freezes over. Fertilize your trees in the fall so they can absorb some much-needed nutrition prior to the cold weather and then lay mulch around them to keep the roots warm.

Perhaps the best tip we can offer is don’t wait until it’s too late. Prepare your trees for Georgia’s famous icy winters in the fall to ensure they’re ready to stand up to Mother Nature. If you need help, give us call at 770-282-1616. Gordon Pro Tree Service helps those in Buford, GA, and its surrounding areas. We’d be happy to inspect your trees and prep them for winter.