How to Install a Tree Swing for Summer Fun | Gordon Pro Tree Service

Summer is finally here and it’s time for some fun in the sun… and shade! How about a swing for your kids? They’ll have a blast playing on it for hours and it gets them outside and out of your hair. You both win! Gordon Pro Tree Service can help you determine if the tree you have in mind is strong enough for the swing. If it is, here’s how to install it for optimal joy and safety.

The Best Tree for the Swing

One of the most important things about a tree swing is the tree. You can’t install a swing on a tree that won’t be able to handle the swingers’ weights. Make sure the tree you want to use is established – really established – and sturdy. Good trees for swings are maples, oaks, or sycamores. Do not install a swing on ash, birch, evergreen, or willow trees. Their branches can’t support it. 

The swing needs to be attached to a thick and sturdy branch; one that is 8 inches or more in diameter. If your tree isn’t in good health, do not attach a swing to it. The tree should not have dead, dying, or hanging branches; cracks, splits, or other trunk damage; decayed spots; leaf damage; or any other signs that the tree isn’t in optimal health. We can look at the tree for you if you want.

Installing the Tree Swing

It’s important to understand that the swing can damage your healthy tree, so you’ll want to take steps to prevent this as much as possible. Don’t just tie a heavy rope to the branch and a tire to the other end. To install your tree swing

  1. Purchase heavy-duty braided nylon, manila, or polyester rope 3/4-inch diameter or more – the heavier the rope the less chance of breakage
  2. Purchase a rubber sleeve to slide onto the rope where it meets the branch to prevent the rope from damaging the branch while you swing
  3. Tie the end of the rope with the rubber sleeve part around the branch using a running bowline or slipknot 3 feet or more away from the trunk
  4. Attach the tire (or whatever you want to use for the swing seat) securely to the other side of the rope 24 inches from the ground to avoid injury

In addition to the above, make sure the ground underneath the swing is grassy and does not have exposed roots. You want to make sure any landings from the swing are soft ones. Finally, inspect your swing and the branch regularly for wear, tear, and damage.

Call Gordon Pro Tree Service in Buford, GA, for inspection prior to installing your tree swing. Our number is 770-282-1616.