How to Plant a Tree | Gordon Pro Tree Service

Trust us. There’s more to planting a tree than digging a hole and plopping it in the ground. Trees must be healthy to resist diseases, parasites, and stand up to Mother Nature. If they are not, they will not survive. Gordon Pro Tree Service would be happy to plant new trees for you, but if you’d prefer to do it yourself, here are some tips to ensure your newly-planted tree thrives.

Plan for the Future First

You aren’t just planting a tree so it will last a few years; you’re planting a tree for a lifetime. You want the tree to grow, thrive, give your property shade and protection. You must select a location that allows for the tree’s growth, and you must also plant the tree when it has the best chances of survival: spring or fall. Plan for transplant shock, too. A tree goes into shock when it’s removed from the nursery, it’s roots are bound, and then it’s transplanted into your yard. Your tree will need TLC during this period.

Planting the Tree

Once you’ve purchased your tree and you’re ready to plant it, do the following:

  • Select a few locations in your yard
  • Check for utilities underground in all proposed planting locations
  • Find your tree’s trunk flare – the place at the base of the tree where the trunk expands
  • Tie a ribbon around the trunk flare

Remember, when selecting a location in your front or back yard for your new tree, keep in mind how tall and wide the tree will be once it’s fully grown. Also, take into account its root system and how far out it will spread. You want to make certain you don’t plant the tree too close to your home where the branches could damage the roof or roots could damage the foundation. Once you’ve found the perfect spot that doesn’t have utilities or a septic system underneath it, you’re ready to dig:

  • Dig your tree’s hole two-to-three times wider than the tree’s root ball
  • Dig the hole as deep as the root ball – not any deeper
  • Remove your tree from its container or root binding
  • Check all roots and untangle ones circled together
  • Place the tree in the ground up to the ribbon around the trunk flare
  • Make sure the tree is straight – have someone hold it if necessary
  • Fill the hole and pack the dirt around the root ball and tree trunk
  • Remove your trunk flare ribbon

Once the tree is planted, stake it if it is quite young and needs help standing. You want to keep the tree as stable as possible while it grows. Put mulch around the base of the tree to help hold in moisture and protect the roots against extreme temperatures. Make sure to keep the tree’s soil moist but not soppy to help it out of transplant shock and encourage its growth.

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