Why Is It Important To Use A Tree Service Company? | Gordon Pro Tree Service

Having trees around your home not only beautifies outdoor space and improves air quality, well-kept trees add value to your property. But like anything else around the home, trees require maintenance. From fertilizing and preening to disease treatment and removal, here are a few reasons outsourcing tree care makes sense:

Injury Prevention

Not only are some trees too large to access with a standard ladder, preening them requires specialized tools and training. If you’re not experienced wielding sharp objects while standing tens of feet above ground, you could easily injure yourself or others. Not only is falling a logical concern but you could get hit with a branch or injure someone on the ground. Personal safety aside, you also risk damaging your home or a neighboring property. Tree professionals understand the most effective methods and have protective gear to combat the dangers of tree-trimming. They also carry insurance for an added layer of protection.

Time Savings

When you don’t perform a task on a regular basis, it can take longer to complete. So, while trimming a large oak tree might take you several hours, an experienced technician could complete the task in half the time. In fact, some companies charge based on the amount of time they spend at each house. The quicker they move, the more opportunities to earn. This means your trees get all the TLC they need and you get some free time.

Emergency Service

If a large storm hits and a tree or part of it falls, you’ll have enough to worry about without trying to prevent further damage to your home. Tree service professionals have the knowledge and skills to clean up a dislocated tree and protect its surroundings. Why go through the stress when you can have immediate, professional assistance?


High-quality tree service companies use trained, educated professionals who understand all aspects of tree care. From trimming overhanging branches and treating sick trees to removing dead or decaying trees, professionals know what they’re doing. That means they can identify a diseased tree and effectively treat it before irrevocable damage occurs, saving you the burden of tree removal. And if a tree requires removal, professionals can finish the job in the safest, most cost-effective way possible.

Trees add beauty to our lives and improve the atmosphere, so they deserve the best care possible. To learn more about how to keep your trees happy and healthy, call Gordon Pro Tree Service in Buford, Georgia at 770-282-1616.