Is It Ok to Remove Trees Close to the House | Gordon Pro Tree Service

Trees add curb appeal and beauty to any home. They also provide added shade to help keep your home cool and energy costs down. Sometimes, a tree that’s close to your property can cause a serious problem including potential damage to your foundation. It is usually OK to remove a tree that’s too close for comfort, but you should always contact a certified arborist who can perform a proper inspection just to be sure.

What is Considered Too Close?

Ideally, trees should be at least 15 feet or more away from your home. Larger species will need more room to grow, while smaller ones might be planted a little bit closer depending on the original landscaping. If the tree is hanging directly over your home or there are branches already touching the roof, it’s certainly too close for comfort. You may be able to simply have the branches cut back rather than removing the entire tree. This process will cost you, but it’s still less expensive than entire tree removal.

A dead or dying tree should be removed since it can be a threat to your home. When a storm hits, dead trees are the first to fall and you don’t want it to come crashing down on top of your house. It really depends on the state of the tree’s health and just how close it is as to whether or not you should have it removed. For healthy trees, trimming the branches is usually your best option.

Don’t Forget the Foundation

Over time, trees’ roots can grow and spread under your foundation. In fact, smaller roots will typically start getting into the concrete walls of a foundation, causing potential compromise to structural integrity. As time passes, this problem can become more of a threat. Another issue is uneven soil shifting. As the roots grow and expand, the dirt under your home begins to shift. This can affect everything from the slab or basement to water absorption around your home, causing potential cracks.

If you get a permit and can remove the tree, it may only be a temporary fix. Roots that have already established themselves have likely done damage that you’ll need to repair. In fact, rotting roots can often make the destabilization worse. Always talk to a local arborist or tree removal specialist for advice. They can help you decide if removing the tree will be beneficial, or if you should just let it continue to grow in its current location.

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