How To Make Your Plant Grow Faster | Gordon Pro Tree Service

When we think about our plants we want to keep them healthy and grow them fast. It is important to know that this is a plan that should be started even before you plant. If you wait until they begin to die, you are planning too late. You should have a growth plan before you start your garden or plant. Here are some tips on how to grow your plant or garden faster.

Test Your Soil

Do not underestimate this step. It is important to test your soil before you plant. This can be done by yourself or send it out to a professional to test. Your soil is the home for your plant. If it is unhealthy then you cannot get the growth that you want. If it is healthy, it is difficult to stop the growth.


Once you know the composition of your soil, you can determine what your soil needs to be healthy for your plant. Decide what kind of fertilizer will be best for your plant. Will it be organic or inorganic? You should research the temperature of soil that will be best and what type of light you will need.


Be proactive and take out all the weeds that can cause your plant to grow slower or not survive. Even small saplings. Weeds can take over and steal valuable nutrients and moisture from your vulnerable new plant. You must stay vigilant and protective at this stage. Spend the time to monitor that there are no weeds creeping in.

Offer Assistance

Make sure to offer help to your plant as it grows. If you notice fading blooms, trim and prune so the failing blooms do not affect the new plant. Also, if your new plant needs help going in the right direction and some support, do not hesitate to give it help by propping it up with a twig. A little support can protect from a strong wind or rain.

Remember, do not fertilize too soon. The plant needs a little time to mature before fertilizer is introduced. The pre-planning soil is giving the plant what it needs. After you notice your plant bloom a bit, then it may be ready for fertilizer.


Keep your plant warm at or near the perfect temperature that it needs. You do not want the temperature to drop and you are not aware. You can do your part to keep the soil warm and watch your handiwork. Please contact Gordon Pro Tree in Buford for your tree service needs.