Outdoor Christmas Tree Decorations | Gordon Pro Tree Service

Who says you can’t decorate your outdoor trees for the holidays? You can! You just need to think outdoors instead of indoors. You don’t have to go overboard and decorate your yard with so much stuff they can see the lights in space – unless you want to, that is. But you can add holiday cheer beyond your Christmas lights if you decorate your outdoor trees as you would the Christmas tree indoors. Gordon Pro Tree Service can help with your exterior holiday decorating.

Think Outdoors

The key to decorating your trees outdoors is to think outdoors. You must ensure you purchase lights and decorations that are designed to stand up to the outdoor elements. Make sure the lights you buy are for outdoor use, or better yet, purchase LED lights that are solar operated so you don’t have plugs running across your yard. Purchase lights according to tree size, too, so people can see them from the curb.

In other words, if you have beautiful, large trees you want to decorate in your front yard, purchase light strands with large bulbs. Smaller trees will do just fine with strands with small bulbs. The same holds true for ornaments. Large trees will need large ornaments for maximum effect but smaller trees will look overloaded if you use large ornaments on them. As with lights make sure any ornaments you put on your trees won’t be ruined by inclement weather and avoid anything that can be blown off by the wind.

Some Decorating Ideas

There are several ways you can decorate your outdoor foliage for the holidays. You can opt for a traditional tree with lights and ornaments, or you can go unique with lights and bows or things found naturally outside such as pinecones. The nice thing about using bows and pinecones is they can be affixed to tree branches using wire so they’re less likely to blow off the tree when it’s windy outside.

Don’t forget your hedges and other foliage. Buy lighting nets to drape over hedges and decorate sturdy outdoor plants such as roses with lights. Be careful, though. You don’t want to weigh down any of your outdoor foliage, including your trees, because you’ll risk breaking branches and introducing the possibility of illness. Check your décor and if anything looks too heavy, take it off.

Gordon Pro Tree Service would be happy to hang your outdoor holiday lights for you. Call our Buford, GA, shop at 770-282-1616 to set up an appointment. Happy Holidays!