Tree Service Experts In Gainesville, GA Are Offering Spring Pruning Services

Spring is one of the best periods to get in the yard and do some yard work. This is because late winter and early spring is the time when most plants hunker down for the cold months and become dormant. 

This dormancy works for pruning because there will be no leaves or foliage to get in the way. For pruning to be done the right way, the tree expert should be able to see what they are doing, it is quite easy to make mistakes that might have long-term effects on the tree. Another reason why spring pruning is advised is that, during this period, there are probably only a few gardening tasks to perform.

Why Spring Pruning?

How to go about the actual pruning process can be a daunting task for many, one that is best handled by tree care specialists. But here are some simple goals that pruning trees should accomplish:

  • Tree structure: pruning should help to establish the structure and size of a tree while also maintaining it.
  • Flowering and fruiting: after pruning any tree, there should be a marked improvement in flowering and fruiting. This is why pruning is usually done before the growing season, to make sure that the growth of the tree is improved.
  • Get rid of the 5 Ds: Pruning serves to remove dead, decaying, disfigured, damaged, and diseased wood. This is quite important as dead or dying wood, if not pruned, will eventually become diseased wood.

How To Find An Amazing Tree Care Service In Gainesville, GA

Gainesville, Georgia is a great place with lots of greenery as well as trees that need to be cared for and monitored. If you are looking for a professional tree care service that will take proper care of your trees, then Gordon Pro Tree Service should be top of your list.

They offer a full range of tree care services, from basic tree trimming to full-blown tree removal. Gordon Pro Tree Service is locally owned and has been serving the Gainesville area for about 20 years now, and during that period, has gained the loyalty and trust of its customers. 

You can request a free estimate today, visit  their official website.


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