Pruning / Trimming

Trimming and pruning trees can enhance the overall look of your home, improving its curb appeal and increasing its potential market value.

Removing dead limbs or balancing the growth with a good trim, can give the trees in your yard a whole new look. Trimming also helps trees grow healthy and strong while improving its overall shape as the tree grows.

Pruning done by a professional tree service can help new branches grow and help make the roots stronger. This makes the tree healthier in general, increasing the chances for a tree to withstand the impact of a storm.

One of the most important reasons to hire a professional tree service to prune your trees is to remove hazardous branches. Dead branches that fall during a storm can cause a lot of damage. Plus, the dead branches looming over your roof, power lines or driveway throughout the year can cause structural damage and significant inconvenience for you and your family.

Whether you hope to beautify your yard or prepare for a winter storm, proper tree maintenance requires professional expertise to maintain the health, appearance and safety of your trees.

Our pruning services include: thinning, cleaning, reduction, raising and removing dead wood.

Let Gordon Pro Tree service help you take care of your yard with our regular tree maintenance service for both residential and commercial properties. Call us at 770-282-1616 to schedule a consultation.