Do You Have A Sick Tree? Gordon Pro Tree Service Can Help! | Gordon Pro Tree Service

Georgia is famous for many things and one of the most beautiful is its trees. Your yard is scattered with them, and you take great pride in them. No matter how well you care for your foliage, it can become ill. A sick tree can be saved if the disease is caught in time. If not, the tree will have to be removed. How can you tell if you have a sick tree? We here at Gordon Pro Tree Service in Buford, GA, suggest you look for the following.

Black Shoots

If your tree is producing black shoots or flowers that bend into a shepherd’s crook, it might have fire blight. It’s important to catch this disease quickly, as the bacteria that cause it can double in population each hour, and you don’t want that all over your tree.

Gray Growths

If you have birch, cherry maples, or hickory trees in your yard, make certain to keep an eye out for gray growths that are hard. The growths are caused by the Fomes fomentarius fungus, and it spreads quickly via tiny, white attached pores.

Brown Shelves

Oak trees are susceptible to the Inonotus dryadeus fungus, which begins at the top of the tree and works its way down to the base. The fungus will stunt the growth of your branches and collect at the base in the form of brown to black shelves.

Peeling Bark

Did you peel bark from a tree when you were a kid? It’s fun, isn’t it? If you have a tree with peeling bark, however, it’s a sign of an illness. Bark protects your tree’s inner core and it will peel some. Large chunks, however, are not normal.

Powdery Mildew

You should never see a substance on your tree leaves that looks like white powder. This is powdery mildew, and it can affect your trees and other outdoor plants. Powdery mildew will distort the leaves and eventually kill their growth.

Yellow/Brown Leaves

Aside from the changing of the seasons, your tree leaves should not yellow or turn brown. If they do and your tree appears to grow and fill out slower than normal, it may have armillaria root rot. The fungus that causes this disease is found in your soil.

If you aren’t sure whether your tree has any of the above or another illness, call us at 770-282-1616. We here at Gordon Pro Tree Service are arbor experts. We’ve help residents and businesses in Buford, GA, keep their trees healthy, growing, and beautiful.