Steps to Prepare Your Trees for Spring | Gordon Pro Tree Service

Spring is finally here and it’s time to enjoy beautiful sunshine and warmer weather. Make sure your trees – and shrubs for that matter – are ready for spring by heading out to your garden now and doing a handful of things. Winter can harm trees and shrubs, even though we don’t get too much snow here in Georgia. On a sunny day, Gordon Pro Tree Service recommends you do the following.

Check Tree Health

Inspect all of your trees thoroughly for any winter damage. Look for dead branches and holes in the trunks. You might also notice cracks or other signs of weakness in the tree joints. If anything looks out of sorts, such as a dead tree branch, carefully saw it off to avoid damage. If the tree looks as if it’s dying altogether, call us for an inspection. The tree could be diseased and might need to be removed.

Prune Away

Once you’ve removed any unhealthy parts of your trees prune them to encourage growth and flowering. Cut off anything that is dead, as mentioned above, and then shape your trees how you want them. If your tree branches are creeping onto your home and other structures, cut them back to avoid damage. Now is the time to prune your shrubs, too, so show them a little love and trim them back.

Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late

If you have fruit trees, trim them now rather than later. It’s better to prune fruit trees when they’re in hibernation to avoid damaging them. Late winter/early spring is the best time to prune them, so head out to your garden and get pruning. If your fruit trees have already started flowering, it’s too late to prune them. Doing so will damage them and you may find they produce little-to-no fruit.

Add to Your Garden

Spring is also the perfect time to plant new trees if you’d like to add more to your garden. In this case, wait until late spring/early summer for best results. The new trees love the sunshine and will thrive if you plant them in a spot suited to their needs and take care of them. Spring is also the time to transplant foliage, so move any trees, shrubs, or flowers now if you’ve been wanting to.

If you’d like a little help with your spring tree checklist, give us a call. We’re Gordon Pro Tree Service in Buford, GA, and our number is 770-282-1616. We’d be happy to inspect and prune your trees.