The Benefits of Grading Your Land | Gordon Pro Tree Service

Do you need your land graded? You might be surprised to learn that land grading can be beneficial for things other than lot clearing. Gordon Pro Tree Service offers land grading services to both residential and commercial clients. We’d be happy to discuss with you the benefits of land grading on your property, including the advantages listed below, many of which will make your life much easier.

Signs You Need Your Land Graded

There are many reasons why property owners opt to have their land cleared and graded. Whether residential or commercial, property needs grading if it has poor drainage, is unstable, or suffers from soil erosion. All of these can combine and create the other. In other words, your property might have poor drainage which causes the soil to erode and runoff into the streets. This unstable mess becomes a huge problem every time it rains, leaving you with quite a cleanup chore and no help from the city.

This problem goes beyond your eroded property and street cleanup. If your property isn’t draining properly or taking half the land with it when it does drain, your property is sustaining major damage. Not only does this leave you with unstable property; it also leaves your home or commercial structure unstable. As the property erodes from underneath the structure’s foundation, the foundation weakens and eventually cracks. Who would’ve thought unstable dirt could cause such a problem?

Benefits of Land Grading

Land grading can solve this problem by rebuilding the dirt on the property. A properly graded piece of property does not erode because the soil is leveled, compacted, and placed in such a way to prevent erosion. Once the soil is in place and compacted properly, it won’t runoff as easily when it rains, yet it will drain properly where it needs to. Grading designates and builds proper drainage channels. Finally, graded land is easier to landscape and maintain, and the soil is healthier for the landscaping materials.

Another benefit of land grading is property cleanup. Many abandon pieces of land end up with severe overgrowth that is impossible to clear. Land grading removes the weeds and debris quickly and easily, leaving the property owner with a piece of land ready for landscaping, building, or both. This is important for real estate transactions, construction sites, and annual code enforcement. A clean piece of land is a safe piece of land, ready for whatever use the owner designates.

Gordon Pro Tree Service in Buford, GA, offers land grading services. Whether you have a residential or commercial piece of property, call us today at 770-282-1616 to discuss your grading needs.