The Importance of Tree Pruning | Gordon Pro Tree Service

Do you really need to prune your trees? We here at Gordon Pro Tree Service recommend it. There are numerous benefits to tree pruning, some of which prevent danger. Trees can pose hazards to your family and home if they are not cared for and pruned regularly. Let us explain further the importance of pruning the trees in your front and back yard annually.

Removes Dead Branches

Dead branches will eventually rot and fall away from trees. They can land on your roof, people, your vehicles, and even overhead power lines. Pruning allows tree experts to determine which branches are dead or dying and then remove them to ensure they don’t fall. Tree professionals have the equipment to safely remove dead branches and haul them away so you needn’t worry about them further.

Encourages Tree Growth

As with small landscaping flora such as roses, pruning encourages your trees to grow. The taller and wider a tree gets, the harder it is for the branches and leaves farthest from the ground to receive water and vitamins and minerals. In addition, branches and leaves underneath the top might not get the sunshine they need. Proper pruning keeps branches and leaves healthy and encourages them to grow.

Improves Tree Structure

Sometimes, branches grow in such a way that they damage the structural integrity of a tree. Pruning allows professionals to cut away branches that can harm your tree and leave branches that support the tree’s structure. When pruned properly, the tree has even weight distribution up top, which prevents it from leaning and strengthens the base and trunk. Stability also strengthens the tree’s root system.

Allows for Better Aesthetics

You can also ask your professional to prune your tree for better aesthetics. For example, a stunning red maple can be pruned in a pear or oval shape depending on your preference, and a beautiful oak tree can be pruned so it spreads horizontally to provide a shade canopy. Depending on the trees in your yard, each can be pruned to improve its health and give your exterior landscaping breathtaking beauty.

Prune Now

Fall and winter are the best time to prune trees because they are dormant. Like hibernating animals that are safe in their dens, a dormant tree is less susceptible to harm. Trees lose less sap when they’re dormant and removing branches doesn’t damage the trees as much as it does in the spring or summer. Dormant trees also attract fewer insects that would normally be attracted to the pruned spots.

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