Why is My Tree Budding but Not Blooming? | Gordon Pro Tree Service

Blooming season is a special time for any nature lover. As winter ends and spring begins, you look forward to watching the flowers in your garden bloom, and you anxiously await the first buds on your trees.

If you notice that the trees in your yard are budding as they always do but failing to bloom, it is important to identify the cause. Some trees in your landscape may simply be late bloomers, but in other cases the cause may be more serious. Here are some of the things that could cause your trees to bud but not bloom.

Weather Damage

If it has been a particularly harsh winter, the difficult weather conditions may have caused damage to the delicate flower buds. That damage could prevent the buds from blooming, or at least delay their flowering.

Buds can also be damaged in transit, resulting in a lack of blooming on newly planted trees. If your newly planted trees are not blooming, you should suspect damage to the delicate buds.

Lack of Water

A lack of moisture can also cause your trees to bud but never bloom. It takes a lot of nutrients to create those beautiful flowers, and if there is not enough water around, the nutrients in the soil may never reach the buds.

You should water your trees by hand any time there is not sufficient rainfall Monitor the weather conditions carefully, and be ready to grab your watering can or hose when needed.

Problems with the Soil

Flowering trees require a great deal of nutrients, and they derive that nutrition from the soil in which they are planted. If the soil in your landscape is not good quality, your budding trees may never blossom, and you may never enjoy those beautiful flowers.

Enriching your existing soil with fresh manure, compost and quality potting soil can all help your trees look better and allow them to bloom as they should. You may need to apply these enrichment elements a few times, and lay down a good fertilizer, to get your trees into bloom.

Overzealous Pruning

It is important to prune your flowering trees, but overzealous pruning can damage the buds and make future blooming more difficult. It is important to know how, and when to prune your trees, so check with the nursery for advice.

If you are worried about the trees in your landscape not blooming, just give Gordon Pro Tree a call. We can help you identify the cause, and we can help you set things right. You deserve a landscape filled with fresh flowers, and we can help you get those stubborn trees into full blossom.