Tree Ideas When You Have A Pool | Gordon Pro Tree Service

If you have a swimming pool in your back yard, carefully landscaping the area can create an ideal environment for fun and relaxation. While the right poolside trees can show off water features and enhance the view, the wrong ones can take over the space or mess with the overall design.

Factors to Consider

  • Containers – You’ll need to decide whether you want trees kept in containers or planted in the ground.
  • Root Systems – If a tree’s roots are aggressive, they can crack the concrete around a pool and ruin the surrounding plumbing.
  • View – While trees can provide shade and comfort, large ones can also block your view.
  • Leaf Drop – Certain trees can drop messiness into your pool and create a lot of work. Dead flowers, seed pods, fruit, and other debris do not mix well with swimming pools.

The Best Poolside Trees

  • Palm Trees – In tropical climates, palm trees look awesome. Not only do they generate a fun mood but their roots grow straight down, making them excellent complements to a concrete pool. When planted in a cluster, they also provide great privacy. Palm varieties to consider include windmill palm, cane palm, sago palm, queen’s palm, and sabal palm.
  • Banana Trees – Not a tree at all actually, banana trees are herbs. This fast-growing perennial has thick stems and large leaves that add a tropical look to the area.
  • False Cyprus – Several varieties of false cypress trees add a striking appearance to landscaping. With gold or lime foliage, you can even opt for a dwarf variety that looks splendid without taking up too much space.
  • Japanese Maple Trees – Considered both a tree and a shrub, Japanese maples rarely grow larger than 20 feet and have leaves that change colors throughout the year. They make great complements to a pool area and add a nice drop of color.
  • Citrus Trees – Another option if you want color around your pool, certain citrus trees give back in so many ways (who doesn’t want free lemons?). If you want citrus trees, though, your safest bet is to plant dwarf varieties in movable containers to protect them from the sun when necessary. Your best citrus options include lemon, tangerine, orange, lime, grapefruit, and kumquat.
  • Fruitless Olive Trees – With soft, willowy foliage, fruitless olive trees work best in coastal areas with hot, dry summer seasons. They grow slowly and reach 25 to 30 feet, making them strong choices for poolside landscaping.
  • Floss Silk Trees – This tree is easily identified by large spikes or studded thorns along its trunk and branches. They grow pretty tall (up to 60 feet), so make sure you have enough space to let them flourish.

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