Fun Ideas for the Tree Stumps in Your Yard

Tree stumps do not have to be unsightly. When treated properly by professionals, such as us here at Gordon Pro Tree Service, they can become a whimsical part of your exterior décor. Here are some fun ideas for ways that you can turn your tree stumps into garden accessories that can be useful as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Bird Bath Stand

If you love drawing birds into your garden, turn your tree stump into a birdbath stand. You can level the tree stump so it has an even surface, and then place the birdbath on top of it. Many garden retailers have birdbaths that do not have an existing stand, or you can buy a large pot bottom or ceramic bowl and turn that into a water oasis for the outside birds.

Bench or Chair

Depending on the size of your tree stump, why not turn it into a bench or chair? If the tree stump is tall enough, hollow it out so you have arms, a chair back, and a comfortable place to sit. If the tree stump is wide, you can turn it into a small love bench that you and your partner can enjoy during the summer. The size of your tree stump will dictate how well of a seating place it will make.

Garden Tic-Tac-Toe

Take some flat rocks and paint or weatherproof artistic tape and turn your tree stump into a garden tic-tac-toe board. Draw or tape out the tic-tac-toe board itself, and then paint the flat rocks with Xs and Os to turn them into the players’ pieces. Be creative. Paint more than just the Xs and Os on the rocks. Turn them into fun garden insects or flowers with the letters on their backs.

Gnome House

Although not useful, turning your tree stump into a house for your garden gnomes is a lot of fun. Using wood or other material, you can put a door and windows on the tree stump as well as a chimney on top. Scatter some garden gnomes around the tree stump to indicate they are out and about ready to protect your garden. Consider the tree stump a dollhouse for your gnomes as you decorate it.

Tiny Table

Finally, put a weatherproof top on your tree stump and turn it into a tiny table that you can use to enjoy a glass of iced tea in the summer and a cup of hot tea in the winter. Set up chairs around the tiny table and turn this into your morning coffee space or a relaxing reading space in the afternoon. The sky’s the limit on what you can use your table for depending on the tree stump’s size.

Gordon Pro Tree Service in Buford, GA, can help. We can inspect your tree stumps to make sure they are not diseased or infested with bugs and then treat them. Call us today.


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