Using Local Stones to Build a Beautiful Retaining Wall | Gordon Pro Tree Service

Beautiful lawns can give even a modest home an elegant appearance, and one of the most effective ways to landscape is through the addition of retaining walls. Retaining walls are strong, functional structures that hold back dirt, but that doesn’t mean they are unrefined brutes. Give them a chance to show off what they can do, and you will agree they are as important as flowers in your landscaping plans.

Quarries will cut their rocks into different shapes that will work in various projects. Here are some of the shapes (or types) of stone you should look at for your retaining wall.

Chopped stone, quarry block, or retaining block are different names for rectangular stones that are shaped to be easy to place. They still have the hardness and weight that a retaining wall needs. Because they are chopped, they will present a slightly uneven surface.

Sawn stone is chopped and uneven at the ends, but both the top and bottom are sawn smooth to make a tight, dense wall.

Random builders are of different sizes and shapes that can be placed in a creative pattern while still offering the necessary strength and weight.

Moss boulders are perhaps the most beautiful idea for large lawns with tall, old trees. They are used individually or in clusters where they can quickly become a part of a landscape and look like they have always been there.

Where to Find the Best Stones

If you would like a new retaining wall or need to repair an old one, take some time to look at the different types of materials that are available. An extensive variety of quality retaining wall materials can be bought from well-respected quarries in the U.S.

Visit your local vendor and see what he has to offer from local quarries. Often a local quarry can offer wonderful stones at a very low price because they don’t have to be shipped so far.

Some of the most beautiful stones on Earth are found in Texas. For example, the beautiful almond and silver sawn limestone from Leuders, Texas contains ancient fossils.

New England is known for its stunning marble which might be a bit pricy for the average retaining wall, but this rocky area of the country provides a wealth of attractive field stones that are naturally-shaped random builders.

California is the home of Pacific limestone, one of the finest retaining wall materials made. These stones can be found in white, cream or gold.

No matter where you live in this country, you can show your pride in your local geography and add value to your property by building a new retaining wall.