What to Do With Ground Tree Stumps | Gordon Pro Tree Service

In our last blog post, we talked about removing dead tree stumps and why it is important to do so. In this post, let’s talk about what you can do with your ground tree stumps. Gordon Pro Tree Service offers tree stump removal and grinding services, and the best part about grinding the stumps down is you can do the following with the recycled wood chips.


Whether between flower beds, trees, and other landscaping or for walkways – or both! – ground wood chips create beautiful and decorative garden paths. Depending on how much ground wood chip material you have to work with, you should lay the chips down to create a layer of wood that is about 4 inches to 6 inches thick. This gives you plenty of space to tamp the chips down as you walk on them without them revealing the earth below. Clear the walkway space first using your lawnmower on its lowest setting.


Wood chips make fantastic mulch. You can lay them around your plants and trees to stabilize the soil beneath. Mulch keeps soil moist, warm, and helps prevent certain types of weeds from growing and choking your plant and tree roots. Mulch allows you to water your garden less, which means you’ll save money on your water bill yet still have beautiful plants, shrubs, and trees. Use your wood-chip mulch on plants and trees that have already established a strong root system in your yard for best results.


If you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove, you can use your ground wood chips to help start fires, provided the tree stumps were never treated with any chemicals. If they were, don’t use them to start a fire or for mulch. Untreated wood chips make great kindling, but be careful and don’t put too many wood chips in your fireplace or wood-burning stove. They get hot fast, so stay safe. Use wood chips as part of your fireplace or wood-burning stove kindling and place logs on top once they’ve ignited.


Finally, wood chips are only a band-aid solution to a permanent problem but they can help prevent soil erosion until such time as you can have the issue addressed. They won’t prevent landslides, but they can help loose soil stand up to heavy rain. Ultimately, soil erosion is caused by poor garden drainage, so you’ll need to have that corrected to permanently fix the problem. In the meantime, you can pile the wood chips on the eroded soil spaces to strengthen the soil and prevent it from washing away.

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