Why Does Grass Turn Yellow After it Gets Fertilizer? | Gordon Pro Tree Service

If you want to enjoy a lush green lawn all season long, you need to care for your grass the right way. That means making sure the blades on your lawn mower are sharp and properly adjusted, and it means filling in those brown patches and bald spots.

Caring for your lawn also means feeding the grass and giving it the right fertilizer, but sometimes fertilizing your lawn has an unintended, and unsightly, consequence. If you have recently applied fertilizer to your lawn, you may notice that the grass has suddenly turned yellow. Why does this happen, and what can you do to combat the discoloration?

Fertilizer Burn

The most common cause of yellowing grass after fertilization is fertilizer burn. Fertilizer burn happens when you apply too much fertilizer to your lawn, and this overfertilization is all too easy to do.

If you do not precisely control the amount of fertilizer you apply to the lawn, you might get too much or too little in various parts of your landscape. In spots where too much fertilizer is applied, the grass may start to yellow, creating unsightly spots in your yard and making it more susceptible to damage by insects and other pests.

Fixing the Problem

It is all too easy to apply too much fertilizer to your lawn, but you do not have to lose your beautiful grass to fertilizer burn. If you notice the grass turning yellow, it is important to act quickly.

You can mitigate the impact of fertilizer burn and restore your grass to good health by immediately watering the landscape. Applying plenty of water as soon as possible can wash away the excess fertilizer and help the healthy grass develop a strong root system.

Avoiding the Problem

While it is possible to fix the problem of yellow grass after fertilizing, it is best to avoid the situation in the first place. Since most yellow grass is caused by overfertilization, the best defense is precision application of your favorite fertilizer.

It is important to carefully adjust your broadcast spreader before loading the fertilizer, setting the controls precisely according to the instructions on the bag. You want to apply the right amount of fertilizer, neither too much nor too little. The right application of fertilizer is always the best defense – and the best way to keep your lawn luscious and green all season long.