Why Does My Tree Foam When it Rains? | Gordon Pro Tree Service

It does not matter if you have a single tree in your front yard or a landscape filled with these sturdy beauties. If you want your trees to stay healthy, you need to keep a close eye on them.

Trees may be durable, tut they are also prone to a number of diseases. The trees in your landscape can also be plagued by pest problems, form beetles that bore into the bark to termites that set up shop and consume the wood from the inside. The best defense against all these issues is eternal vigilance, and it is important to watch your trees in all kinds of weather conditions.

After the Rain

The trees you have planted in your landscape help shield you from the rain, but what effect does the rain have on those trees? The next time it rains, take a good look at the trees in your yard and look for signs of damage.

You should obviously check for downed branches and other possible storm damage, but there are other, more subtle, issues to watch out for. If your tree foams after a heavy rain, it is important to know the cause and deal with any potential issues.

The Mystery of the Foaming Tree

The first time you see foam on your trees after a rainstorm, it can be disconcerting. Any time you suspect damage to your trees, you worry if it could be a fatal blow, or if something is seriously wrong in your yard.

While all that foam may look frightening and seem out of place, it is generally nothing to worry about. As the water flows down the trunk of the tree, its surface tension is altered, and that can create a foamy appearance. That foamy appearance should dissipate over time, and by the time the sun comes out, most of the foam may already be gone.

Waterborne Phosphates

If your home sits atop rocky soil or is located close to streams and rivers, the foam you see could be the result of phosphates flowing from those bodies of water or coming up out of the underlying rocks. This type of rock foam is common in many parts of the country, but it should not do any damage to your trees.

Foaming caused by nearby streams and rivers is also generally no big deal. If your trees seem healthy but appear to foam during a heavy rain, do not panic – just enjoy the show and enjoy your trees once the rain has stopped.