Winter Tree Maintenance Tips | Gordon Pro Tree Service

Winter weather can be beautiful – yet treacherous. Even after the leaves have fallen and the branches are bare, trees in your yard still require care through the winter months to prevent lasting damage to your property.

When winter comes, there are few key things you should do to care for the trees on your property. Let Gordon Pro Tree Service meet your tree maintenance needs even in the cold – and no job is too small for us. Call 770-282-1616 to schedule an appointment.

So what can you do to prepare your trees for winter? Try these tree care tips.

  • Pruning is a long-term management technique that ensures your trees continue to be healthy and beautiful all year round. Pruning also improves the function of your trees and reduces the loss of limbs or other issues related to winter storms. In winter, the frozen ground makes it easier to treat a tree with less damage to the ground around it. Routine trimming helps avoid diseases that may spread quickly during the growing seasons of spring and summer.
  • Placing mulch around trees helps them retain moisture, increases winter soil temperature and restores soil nutrient levels. Put two to four inches of wood chips or compost at least three inches away from the tree trunk. Laying down mulch provides extra winter protection.
  • Water is good for trees even in the winter months. Ensuring that a few inches of water reaches the roots even in the cold can save a tree’s life – but don’t water the tree if the ground is frozen.
  • Remove dead or diseased limbs and branches around your house because they become more hazardous. Oftentimes, the cold and wind badly damages or breaks branches.
  • Consider cabling and bracing your trees to prevent major damage to the tree and surrounding areas. Be sure to inspect the hardware every few years and adjust or replace them as needed.
  • Drainage can help improve the overall health of your trees, too. Improve the soil by mixing sand and compost and pouring it into the planting hole.
  • Remove high-risk trees during the winter. It is easier for the equipment to access the tree due to the frozen ground, plus most tree services offer discounts because it is a slower time of year for their businesses.

Gordon Pro Tree Service offers a wide variety of services to help your trees stay healthy. Plan for year-round maintenance to ensure that your family can enjoy green, healthy trees no matter the weather.