Do You Need Tree Removal Service? Here Are 6 Signs You Do! | Gordon Pro Tree Service

It’s depressing to think about removing a tree that you have tended to for years but sometimes it’s best to do just that. Gordon Pro Tree Service can assess the health of the tree in question and remove it if necessary. We might also be able to save it. Here are six signs you may need tree removal.

Fungal Growth

It’s moist in Georgia and fungal growth is not unusual. That said, you should not see excessive fungal growth around your tree’s trunk. If there is fungus creeping up the trunk all around the base, your tree might be diseased and need to be removed. Sometimes, diseased trees spread the illness to other plant life in your garden if you don’t dispose of the and its surrounding soil.

Canker Sores

Trees can get canker sores, too, just not quite like we do. Tree canker is missing spots of bark. The cankers might be caused by disease or your tree may have been injured. If the cankerous spots grow and spread, your tree is likely diseased and will eventually die. In addition, the cankers cause the tree to lose its strength and structure and a severely-diseased tree can fall down.

Branches That Fall

If your tree loses branches during high winds or a severe storm that’s normal. If branches are dying and falling off the tree for no apparent reason, you’re looking at a sick tree that is dying. Depending on how close to death the tree is and what is causing its death, the tree might be able to be saved. If it is past saving, however, it’s safer to remove the tree before it falls.

Failure to Flower

Many trees that are indigenous to Georgia are stunning because they flower. If your tree stops flowering, there is definitely something wrong. It could be that your tree is just stuck in dormancy for some reason, even though the season for budding has come upon it. It could also be that the tree is diseased and dying. In this case, it needs to be removed.

Tree Rot

Your tree is organic matter and it can decay just as any other organic matter can decay. Tree rot, however, signals a problem. Signs of tree rot include branches that have fallen from the tree because they are rotted out. The bark on the tree might rot, too. The more a tree decays the less chance it has of survival, so have the decay problem addressed ASAP.

Scorched Leaves

Bacteria, not heat, causes leaf scorch. If your tree’s leaves suddenly have yellow and red lines on them that make them look scorched, your tree has a bacterial infection. Insects are usually the cause of leaf scorch, as they spread the bacteria from an infected tree to a non-infected tree. They can also spread the infection to your other plants, so it’s best to remove the tree.

Call Gordon Pro Tree Service in Buford, GA, at 770-282-1616 if you think your tree is diseased and might need to be removed. We’ll try to save it and if we can’t, we’ll handle your tree removal it safely for you.